Website Promotion


After you have found blogs that have similar or relevant content to your site or blog you may wish to post to comments on them to build back-links to your site, here’s how to go about it.

first of all Read some or all of the the post to get the idea of what to comment .decide what you would like to say. Then make a comment on that post.

then fill in or enter your email and name, then enter a website or blog you want to get a back-link for.

Adding your website is optional, but always add this. this ensures the post back-link will point back to your site/blog this will ensure people also visit your website (or blog). including your website address,ensures people can click on your link and find out how to get in touch with you.

Deciding how long the comments be is up to you? however Don’t make your comment to long, but do not add one liners for example “Great post.” and finally, only add one link, MAX!

Tip 1: Avoid self advertising in the article body. Try not to promote yourself or your products and services anywhere in the article. If you do so, your articles may get rejected by the editors. So what’s the point of writing content when you can’t promote yourself?

Well, you can promote yourself. Just that you can’t do it in the article body. You are allowed to add 2 links back to your sites in the author box. In the resource box, you are free to advertise your businesses.

Tip 2: Create visible links. The sale doesn’t happen on the articles. The sale has a chance to occur only when visitors click on your links and visit your site. Therefore, it’s important that you promote your links. Offer free gifts or do whatever is necessary to encourage the reader to click on the links. Don’t hide the links in a bunch of texts. Keep the author box nice and simple, and invite the reader to click on the blue links.

Tip 3: Provide real value. Think of your articles as some form of “sneak preview”. In other words, give away the best portions of the solution that you are offering. Of course, you should be careful not to give away EVERYTHING. Leave the reader wanting more. That will get you more clicks and sales.