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techhosting Review

techhosting Review General Info about the Company A newer company when compared with the others we’ve looked at, the people behind techhosting has the experience and background to know what they’re doing and to do it well. Based in Los Angeles, CA, techhosting has a younger, fresh voice and a focus on helping bring ideas to the global reach of the World Wide Web. Pro’s techhosting’s web hosting package offers 100 GB of hosting space and 1,000 GB of data transfer bandwidth. techhosting is a relatively new web hosting company that was formed by a team of people with impressive backgrounds in the computer industry. Their focus is on utilizing the latest technology, software, and hardware in order to deliver a superior web hosting experience. As a customer of a newer company, you’ll have the advantage of being on a new, fast server that is not packed with other customers.Con’s As a newer company, techhosting does not offer as many “extras” as other web hosting providers. We hope this means that their main and only focus is providing quality, reliable web hosting. Go to techhosting  


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