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Increase Visitors Traffic To Your Website

Increase Visitors Traffic To Your Website

Internet has come long ways from the days of early 1990s when it was easy to find websites and remember website address – the URL.

Today billions and billions of websites exist on the internet and the number just grows by the second. Many high school kids have websites of personal interests, stay home moms have websites of personal interests bringing you excellent and much needed information. We all know how easy it is to put up a website in minutes but we also know how difficult it is to attract traffic to the website. This article talks about bringing traffic to your website.

Let us assume that your site has at least 100 visitors per day which is a very achievable target for any new website. Then the next step is to watch that grow if you spend time implementing strategy to make your website sticky, yes you may have read that term many many times but taking the time out to analyze your website and look at your numbers tells you whether your doing it correctly or not.

In order to analyze the site, what you need is some kind of analysis software such as Google Analytics, AwStats or Sitemeter. These are free website statistics software that makes your life easier by giving you the most important information: number of visitors per day, per week, per month fashion in nice graphical layout as well as in a matrix.

Now that you have one of the above stat software mentioned above let us first check new versus repeat visitor numbers. Growing your repeat visitor numbers helps waterproof your site from any sudden SERP drops, and also lets you grow rapidly using your existing user base. Second step is to set a goal. Aim for at least 20% returning visitor percentage.

If you can make 20% of your visitors return then after a week of getting 100 visitors per day you could be looking at extra 140 visitors in week 2 for FREE! Extrapolate that through 3 months and you could go from 100 visitors per day to 320 just using the same new 100 visitors per day that arrive to your site and retaining 40 of them.

Today, a lot of the websites use some sort of monetization. Majority of the sites found use Google Adsense or Yahoo Ads. Although it is great to take the advantage of such high traffic by displaying ads and making some profit, but the biggest nightmare occurs if such ads are clicked – users are taken to sites away from yours. If your site is fairly new and you have just started building up a visitor base you want the visitor to arrive back. However by using such monetization techniques, you will lose the visitor early on which will lead to forever lose. At the start refraining Adsense or any such instant monetization technique is very critical.

Things that can make a difference on your website:

– Having an ‘Add to favorites’ link or button, making it prominent and having it throughout the website, traffic arrives into all the pages not just the homepage, having it in the navigation and at the end of ALL articles or pages, don’t make people look for it.

– Reduce monetization like Adsense while you build the user base up, or best, refrain using such techniques till you have a stable 500+ user base.

– Favicon, quick and easy to add and lets the bookmark stand out in a browsers favorites list potentially alerting bored users to the bookmark and returning.

– Get user involvement, if visitors add comments, images, text or suggestions they are far more likely to return to see how other visitors feel, this can be rating images, voting, polls, comments, suggestions and competitions.

– Have a mailing list if applicable, a mailing list is a great way to alert previous users of new changes and additions thus surging returning users.

– Add a forum, again if you feel it will work a forum offers a great incentive for users to return.

– Empower your visitors, letting visitors decide in certain aspects of how your website works empowers them and offers a great incentive for them to enjoy your website and return so try and let them decide as much as possible how they experience your site, this may be allowing registered users the ability to affect ads, color schemes, navigation etc

– RSS feeds allow visitors to subscribe to the latest content from your website but if you run a blog do not presume your readership will all be tech savvy, guide your visitors through the process.

Most importantly, give them what they are looking for! Tricky and misinformation is great maybe for short term gain but if you plan to stay in the game for the long haul and want that one website to do well over a long period of time then give users what they are looking for, at the very least offer a certain amount for free and offer subscription paid services for more content & features.