Online Printing Services

Online Printing Services 

are popping up every day, as more of the printing industry is moving towards large facilities that can produce high quality printed products at a fraction of the cost that you would pay at your local printer. Just as people are doing more of their Christmas shopping online each year than the year before, the same is happening with many business products such as printing services or inkjet cartridges and toner.

Typically the technology at your local print shop does not offer the same color quality or turnaround time that you will get with an online printing service. I typically do all of my shopping at local places but when I compared the cost and turnaround time of getting 1,000 business cards printed online compared to my local print ship there was no comparison. I wanted a full color background image on my cards that simply would not have come out correctly with their outdated technology, but when I received them from Overnight Prints they came out amazing.

Due to the scale of online printing operations they can improve on basically all aspects of printing. The scope of their operations allows them to constantly improve their technology which gives better color clarity. They sell in large quantities and to many customers, which allows them to get deals on materials to bring down costs. They have more employees and machinery which allows them to have very quick turnaround times without sacrificing quality and allows them to offer larger product lines.

Online Printing Companies:

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  • PsPrint
  • PrintPlace
  • PrintRunner
  • PrintPelican

Online Printing Business Cards

Another main benefit of using an online printing company as opposed to your local printer is a wide variety of templates and design services. I used an online business card template for the business cards that I purchased for my marketing company and it looks just as if I had forked over a ton of money to have my cards designed. If you do plan to pay for design services, many of these companies have fully staffed professional design departments. Using their technology they are able implement these designs to their fullest effect with full color.

One printing company, Overnight Prints, allows you to use “spot gloss uv coatings” which allows you to pick out specific portions of the design to have more or less shine than the rest of the card to make certain elements stand out. These additional features are only found with online printing companies, a local printer (unless they are quite large) would not offer these kinds of additional design features.

Best Printing Services Company of 2010

Many of these companies offer similar product lines and have approximately the same pricing on their products but none offer the emergency turnaround option that you get with Overnight Prints. They have the ability to give you next-day turnaround with a next-day shipping option, so if you forgot that you have a major trade show coming up that you forgot about, this might be the right choice for you. I have used Overnight Prints for my own printing products and I have recommended them to family and business associates. I didn’t need the super fast turnaround speed, I went with economy turnaround time and shipping but I still got my cards very quickly and I get quite a few complements on them.

Overnight Prints offers the spot uv coating feature that many other printing services do not offer, and they also have one of the most intuitive business card templates. They have design software embedded into their web site which allows you to design your own printing services using their stock backgrounds, photography, fonts, etc. They also offer both digital and offset printing, which allows for great flexibility in the number of products you offer (anywhere from 50 business cards and up).

Feel free to read my in depth Overnight Prints review and use the Overnight Prints free shipping coupon or visit their official website: Http://

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Online Ink Cartridges

Printing services are not the only thing that you can save money on by shopping online – using you can save 50% off the price of printer ink. I always used to hate buying ink for my printer because I found it ridiculous to spend $40 for a color ink cartridge. I found this website a couple of months ago and I have already recommended them to friend and family – the difference in price is amazing. By buying generic printer ink rather than the manufacturer brand you can save hundreds of dollars a year in ink prices. Read my full review or check out their website: Http://