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Email marketing

is an essential part of the marketing mix for any organization whether it be keeping in touch with donors for a not for profit or keeping your customer base up to date with your latest products. The internet has had a huge leveling force on companies, a small niche company can now outsell a major retail outlet in certain specialty items, but with all of these options keeping in touch has become even more important. Whether you are a small business, an individual blogger, a large corporation, or any other kind of organization keeping in touch with your clients, customers, or readers is huge.

There are a few major email marketing services out there that provide services for the majority large corporations such as the Amazon’s and Wal-mart’s of the world; since most of my readers don’t fit that profile I will focus more on those of us that fit the billing of medium-sized business or smaller. For a small business, it is absolutely crucial to keep in touch with your customer base. Unlike large companies you cannot simply rely on past results or your brand image because sudden shifts like the current recession can cause your customer base to move to the larger companies that can provide good at cheaper prices.

When comparing email marketing services you need to keep a few main factors in mind:

  • Deliverability Rates
  • Pricing
  • Customer Support
  • Performance Tracking
  • Email Quotas (maximum number per month)
  • Templates & Designs

One of the main reasons why people go with a company dedicated to email marketing is that they have relationships with all of the major ISP’s. You could probably set something up to send messages directly from your server, but without relationships with ISP’s many of your messages will end up in the spam folder of your subscribers. Every time you click that spam button on Gmail, Yahoo, etc. it actually sends a message to the owner of that email service, and using a service such as Aweber guarantees that your messages will still get received by the rest of your readers. Deliver ability is the most important part of any email marketing service.

There are a few email marketing companies that people go with for email marketing services; the main three that are used are Aweber, iContact, and Constant Contact. If you read the unsubscribe links at the bottom of some of your emails you will probably see that you are already getting emails from one of these companies, especially if you sign up for newsletters online. All three of these companies are highly rated, offer a good service with high deliverability rates and have a good price point.

Best Email Marketing Service of 2018

The company that I use for my own marketing company is Aweber Communications. I have been a customer since 2008 and I have been very satisfied with the level of service that I have received. They have higher than 99% deliverability rates and using their email templates it is very simple to set up a new newsletter or broadcast. Their customer service always picks up within a few rings and they have always been able to help with issues I have run into.



One of the main uses for their service is to deliver targeted email blasts along with my daily blog posts from the various blogs that I run. Aweber has a great RSS to Email feature which automatically grabs my WordPress posts and sticks them in my template and sends it to my subscribers. With their analytics package I can then see how well received each email is and see which links have been clicked on. Without the ability to send email to my readers it would be significantly harder to monetize my websites as I occasionally send different deals to my readers that often lead to far more sales than I would get by simply putting advertisements on my website.

I would highly recommend Aweber, to visit their official website visit Http:// or read my full Aweber Review.