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Managed Web Hosting

Managed Web Hosting

For many people, managed web hosting is the next best thing to getting or using a dedicated server. Besides making sure that your downtimes are reduced, using a service like this would actually give you complete control over the different programs such as the hardware, operating system as well as other specifications that it comes with. The server administration is typically a service that would be provided through our hosting company by way of an add-on service. The best bit about using a managed account is the fact that, most of the time, a managed hosting service actually costs less than other kinds of hosting services. This is also why many people opt to try managed hosting. You get something of quality for an affordable price. The volume as well as the cost of bandwidth would be distributed, evenly, amongst clients and users need not purchase any kind of extra equipment such as servers or a networking software in order to host their website because the provider has already taken care of that.Managed web hosting can also provide people with a better option when it comes to web hosting because of all the different features that comes with the package. There are plenty of companies out there that actually specialize in providing the best possible managed hosting account at the most reasonable price possible so you need not worry about not being able to find one. Lastly, a lot of people find that using a managed hosting account can actually keep their information safe from any kind of malware attack or hacks that might come from another account that’s sharing the server with them. This is very important for any website owner as no one wants to wake up one day and find their website hacked.Needless to say, if you want to see some improvement in your website and get better search engine rankings then you might want to look into getting a managed web host. With all the different options available today provided for by various web hosting companies at prices that would surely fit any person’s budget, it really is one of the best hosting options out there.

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WP Engine review

WP engine review

When it comes to picking a hosting company, it can be extremely challenging – especially when there are lots of other hosting services on the market. However, WPEngine has been known to be arguably – one of the best hosting companies around today.


So.. let’s begin!

Setting up a website and finding a high-quality host is difficult. Many web owners will attest to this. I was in a similar pickle with regards to where I had to go to find a great WordPress hosting option. I kept looking around and there were countless Google searches along the way as I sifted through the options, but it was not easy to locate the right fit. Eventually, I had the opportunity to see WPEngine at work and that is when I realized the power it yielded. Let’s take a look at my experience with this hosting provider and whether it is a good option or not for everyone else.

Choosing A Personal Plan

Well, let’s begin right from the start as I hopped onto their website to see what I could get. There were five plans that were on offer and I checked each one out to see which would support my needs the best. The options included Personal ($29/month), Professional ($99/month), Business ($249/month), Premium (custom quote), and Enterprise Grade (custom quote).


I was looking for a beginner’s look into the hosting provider before I jumped up a few notches. This is why I chose to go with the ‘Personal’ option. This included 1 install, 25,000 visits a month, 10GB of local storage, and unlimited data transfer to name some of the features. It was the perfect fit on paper.

For those who want a little trial, you can use the hosting provider for 2 months and cancel without paying anything. It is ‘risk-free’ as they like to call it.


Click here to get 20% off on your first month + a fully transparent 60 day money back guarantee! No questions asked! This offer is only available if you click on this link. You won’t find this anywhere else online!

Moving on, it was important to get a hold of the right plan as without it, I was not going to get anywhere with my site in the fitness niche. I had to make sure it was perfect before I had it up and running which included getting the hosting spot on right off the bat.

Fantastic Migration Process

Let begin this detailed WPEngine review 2016 has to offer by taking a look at the migration process. I had to get my site transferred over to this host and that was something I was not looking forward to. It just seemed like a great, big hassle that was going to take up a lot of my time.

I had heard about people enjoying the process, but of course as anyone else, I was reluctant to say the least.

I can attest to this now, but the migration process was as simple as it gets. In fact, I could not have imagined it was going to be this simple. They did all of the work for me, it was incredible. I couldn’t believe my luck. Their customer support stated all they required was a few of my details to get into that hosting account and they’d do the rest.

It was done in a few minutes and that just blew me away. I had never expected it to be this easy.

Exceptional Customer Support

This jives well with the previous benefit because the customer support is out of this world. They understand there has to be a major selling point from their end and that comes through with not only the hosting but their incredible customer support. It was amazing to have customer support from a person named Josh as he made sure I had everything up and running.


It moved beyond the migration process, though. It had to do with everything that was going on with the hosting provider. If I ever had any question, they would give me an answer in seconds. It was truly like having someone sitting beside me every step of the way.

Which other hosting provider is able to deliver quality of this nature? They might claim to do it, but how many of them actually follow through? It was truly a joy to have a team as professional as this and that is what makes me proud of being a client with WPEngine.

They just get it when the topic of customer support arises. Whether it is account settings, security requirements, or something else, you will love this team. They are the best with ease.

After speaking to the team at WPEngine, I’ve actually managed to secure a sweet discount and offer for you guys exclusively for those who are on this website. You can get a whole 2 months of FREE hosting when you sign up to WPEngine’s annual plan.


Brilliant Speeds

The speeds are always a worry and with my previous host, I was not getting the type of overall quality that was required to keep me happy. I was hitting low numbers and that was making me cringe every time I looked. This meant the site was laggy and just downright awful to visit.

Any lead that I was getting would go out the window because the site was a disaster to visit. The speeds were mediocre.

When I switched over to WPEngine, this all changed for the better. They were rapid and that was where the quality started to really showcase itself. It was hitting speeds of ‘2 milliseconds’ at a consistent rate and that is as good as it gets to be honest.

Where else are you going to be able to hit these numbers on a regular basis? It is just impossible to find. The best part was not just the speeds in general, but the consistent nature of those speeds. I was able to get this particular speed 99,9% of the time (I don’t want to say 100% cause you never know whether I missed something or not!) and that won me over immediately. It was spectacular.

Reliable Without A Doubt

Another advantage that I saw while using this hosting provider would come down to the reliability that was offered. There are some hosts that are great with regards to efficiency and speeds but are not able to do a good job of staying up. Downtime is just not acceptable in this day and age where the Internet is awake 24/7. I was getting clients from around the world and the last thing that I needed was a host that would be down a lot of the times. It was just not something that I wanted to deal with.

This is why I can state with pride that WPEngine was 100% reliable. There was never a point where it went down. This was exceptional as with my previous host, I had been in a lot of trouble with regards to how long it took for me to get them to put the site back up after it was shut down for hours.

It would get frustrating and that was one of the main reasons why I knew a new hosting provider was required as soon as possible. Luckily, I stumbled upon WPEngine as it resolved this issue in a jiffy.

Security Features Were Top Notch

Let’s move onto the security because as you grow a website and a lot of information is being collected, you will realize the value of high-quality security. It is going to have a major role to play with regards to how the site is running and how you feel at night.

Does anyone want to have the stress of not knowing when their site could end up getting hacked? It is a risk not worth taking.

This is why I was paying close attention to how their security held up at WPEngine. The site that I was running would be acquiring a lot of client-related details and I had to be sure hackers were not going to get their hands on this. It would take away from the value that I was getting, plus there might even be legal implications.

This is why I was patient and made sure WPEngine held up their end of the bargain with regards to their security. They sure did hold up their end because the constant malware and general virus scans were incredible. They picked up on everything.

There was never a time when I had to worry about this and that was all that I had asked for.

Great User Interface

It is the user interface that is going to blow you away at first. The overall crisp nature of the layout and how it looks to the naked eye is going to mesmerize to say the least. You are not going to want to take your eyes off of the layout and that is what they are going for.

There are other hosts including the one that I was using which did not have the aesthetics down nor was the interface easy to use. This meant I would have to spend countless hours just looking to find where I had to go and that is the worst spot to be in when you are on a deadline.

The interface was not only pretty as that is never enough. It was how they had laid it out and how things connected with one another. All of the important tabs and links were right there for you to see and click. It didn’t take a genius to put things together and the site was always running as needed.

This was one of the best parts about the user interface and what WPEngine brings to the table. They have truly got the user interface down to a tee.

Staging Site Is Amazing

With my old site, I had a lot of concerns when I was setting it up. There were times when I was not sure about how it was going to look and that always concerned me. Who wants to be put in a spot where they are not going to be sure about how things will work out when the content is published?

This is why I love WPEngine. It is remarkable to see an option such as this. They have done such an incredible job at building the staging site where you are able to make tweaks before ultimately publishing the site. Any change you make can be viewed through a viewer to see how it is going to look to any traffic that hops on.

I loved that feature and use it everyday even up to now. It makes life easier and you don’t have to publish and have it out there for the world to see before you go back and edit things. It is better to get out in front of this problem before it comes back to bite you with no reprieve. It was a must to enjoy the staging site and anyone that works with WPEngine will say that as well.

Felt Restricted By Traffic Count At Times

There was a con that stood out for me with regards to WPEngine. To be honest, there weren’t any cons and this is one of the best WordPress hosting providers in the world for a reason. They know what they do well and make any changes that are needed effective immediately.

If there was one con that I could manage to come up with for this WPEngine review, it would have to do with the traffic count. This got in the way a few times as my site grew and I forgot that the plan had a limit in place of 25,000 visitors a month.

There was one month where I hit 26,000 and I was charged a hefty fee like you would at a bank for overdrafts. It was something that put me off, but those who remain focused on their traffic count and get out in front of this will not have any problems.

I didn’t enjoy the fees, but this was a minor con when compared to the countless benefits this hosting provider has to deliver.

Concluding Thoughts

Exceptional. Consistent. Fantastic.

These are the words that come out of my mouth when I think about WPEngine. This is one of the finest hosting providers you are going to find on the open market. I was blown away by the consistency of this service and how well it runs from top to bottom.

They have really hit the nail on the head with this option and it screams ‘quality!’ like nothing else ever could.

Give this a shot as soon as possible for those WordPress hosting requirements. It is a must.



About the CompanyHost Rocket is a web hosting company whose headquarters are located in Clifton Park, New York. It was founded in 1999, and until today, still stands as the frontrunner in web hosting when it comes to its services, support, technology, availability and value. Host Rocket’s aims is all about reshaping and influencing the whole web hosting industry by providing high class services that can’t be found anywhere else.Hosting Plans and FeaturesHostRocket Review is without a doubt. Host Rocket Web Hosting has among the most impressive data centers out there. It provides a large monthly bandwidth up to OC 12 capacity. This means that your web site will remain fast even during peak hours. It can fit any types of web sites: for personal use, small businesses, medium businesses and even larger businesses and corporations. Their plans start at only US $ 4.99 per month. More than anything else, they have a full staff waiting at any time of the day or night. So, in case you encounter a problem, the technicians will be there to fix it right away. ReliabilityHow reliable is Host Rocket? According to the HostRocket Review, it has an outstanding data center and support. They have a wide variety of web hosting plans to fit any type of budget. So far, 95% of feedback is positive.SupportHost Rocket support system is the best one seen in the web hosting industry so far. As what their company name suggests, they produce results in lightning speed. The support team is on site and on call 24/7. The company makes use of the ticket support system, a support forum, plus an entire site dedicated to Host Rocket Hosting Support. Better check out these features!Money Back GuaranteeAlthough not the best offer out there, the Host Rocket still offers a money back guarantee. The guarantee is good for 30 days or a month for a full refund in case you are dissatisfied with their services (although we totally doubt it).Conclusion and Overall ImpressionHostRocket Review is very impressed with the Host Rocket’s web hosting services and plans, which tailors to specific needs, whether you are a beginning web site entrepreneur or a seasoned and more advanced user. We won’t hesitate nor think twice in recommending the Host Rocket. So far, we don’t know anyone who has had any complains or problems with Host Rocket.Visit This Host Now

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Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting

The use of the most advanced technological processors is becoming a trend in today’s internet, especially when it comes to shared web hosting that most business companies are now venturing into to maximize their income. Companies are quite successful in their search for the sites that offer the best rates without sacrificing the most important things liket he quality and speed of the services. What is shared web hosting, anyway?Shared web hosting is a kind of web hosting service where a website serves as the main host of many other sites on the web. Basically, the main host is connected to a particular web hosting site and makes use of his extra resources such as disk space and traffic bandwidth to provide a space for other websites. This process is generally the cheapest way of web hosting, since there are a number of sites that will pay for the fees instead of just one. This is a good thing for those sites that do not have much content.An edge of this kind of web hosting is that it runs the servers using the trusted processors. They make sure that they get the most robust materials to put together as one single server. Moreover, their servers include its own control panel, which provides the clients the ability to do modifications in the servers without hidden fees. Of course, the web hosting provider tries their best to provide help to the main client and the clients that leases under him if in case their servers go down or is experiencing difficulties. Even if the servers are of high quality, instances beyond the company and the clients’ control still happen. These are easy to fix, though.The web hosting services offered by a shared server will definitely be a fad in the generations to come, not to mention that it is actually starting to take shape at the moment. Moreover, more and more companies will be able to save up lots from running their site using a new server. They can now focus more on other things to keep their customers happy.

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Ruby on Rails Hosting

Ruby on Rails Hosting

In the past, it took weeks or months to develop commercial-grade web applications. But, due to the creation of web framework languages such as Ruby on Rails, programming breakthroughs can run from the drawing board to reality in a matter of days. This reduction in working time has benefited web developers the most, making it easier for them to improve websites and update content.The object-oriented Rails environment allows you to spend less time worrying about programming syntax, and more time implementing your unique and innovative web application ideas. Because it is supported by AJAX functions and object-oriented databases, you learn how to write codes in a neater and more organized fashion. This translates to database-driven web applications that are robust and flexible. In fact, with Ruby on Rails, you can incorporate existing plug-ins such as Google Maps and Flickr. Because of the popularity of Ruby on Rails hosting, many companies and individual developers are continuously working to expand the array of plug-ins compatible to the Ruby on Rails. This gives you, as a developer, more freedom and flexibility to create web applications that cater to the particular needs of your website. The success of your Rails applications depends heavily on the hosting service you subscribe to. Your Ruby on Rails hosting service must provide you with the right mix of software support. The two most important requirements are shell/SSH access and ability to run on fast CGI. The former allows you to get to the command line level of coding, while the latter spares your app from performance lags and delays. It’s also important that your hosting service has all the latest Ruby and Ruby on rails updates. A web server running on outdated software may raise incompatibility issues with your Rails web apps.. Another concern is your host’s scalability options. Your hosting service should be able to upgrade you to a higher subscription plan, once it sees that your website has higher demands for data storage and transfer. Your host should also be able to provide you with technical support whenever you need it. It is much better when your host’s support personnel can give specific answers to your queries, rather than links to documentation releases. With Ruby on Rails, you can improve the functionality of your website by implementing ingenious applications. By choosing the right web hosting service, you can certainly attract more users and visitors, thus making your website more popular in the online community.

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Windows Reseller Web Hosting: The Best Platform for Resellers

Windows Reseller Web Hosting: The Best Platform for Resellers

If you want to start a reseller web host business, you have to decide which operating system (OS) your server will have. There are two main OS servers in the market today, Window and Linux/Unix. Windows reseller web hosting has many advantages over a Linux/Unix-based one. Of course, Linux/Unix too has its plus points versus Windows, but in a world where Microsoft basically rules computers, Windows is most compatible.If you want to be a reseller, you have to take into consideration the machine specifications of you prospective clients. If you plan on targeting mostly private clients, then chances are they have a windows platform and are more familiar with it. These clients would only require personal web hosting. Yes, Linux/Unix web hosting is more stable than Windows. But adaptability-wise, Windows is better. A Linux/Unix-based website can move easily to a Windows server, but that is not the truth the other way around.There are many advantages of getting a Windows reseller web hosting. If you know your clients are going to be more Windows-savvy, this is the best option for you. Sites built with Visual Basic or Active Server Pages (.ASP) can only be supported by a Windows server. If you know your clients will be utilizing these, then the choice is obvious.Another perk of Windows reseller web hosting is its beginner-friendly features. It has the ability to recognize Microsoft Front Page. Front Page is an easy way to design a website. A windows platform can recognize this and Linux/Unix cannot. With Linux/Unix, you have to have a certain degree of knowledge in web development and design. Knowledge of programming languages is a must. But with a Windows-based server, as long as you are familiar with Windows, you will not have a hard time working on and maintaining your site. This is the best choice for individual clients and web development beginners.Reseller clientele is mostly private individuals. As most private clients do not have an intense programming background and with the high likelihood that they’re more familiar with Windows, this is the best choice for reseller hosting.

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Hosting Top Reviews | Windows Reseller Web Hosting: The Best Platform for Resellers



About the CompanyThe Lunar Pages Web Hosting Company started from humble beginnings back in the summer of 2000, and has since then expanded their hosting offerings. The company has grown by leaps and bounds, known for delivering incredible web hosting standards over and over again from their first to their 500,000th client.The Lunar Pages believes that customers should be treated like family and friends. For them, there should always be honesty and transparency in their practices and policies.Hosting Plans and FeaturesLunarPages Review has a broad range of plans that will fit any kind of budget. The plans starts at US $ 4.95 a month, but only offers a limited time. The next is the Basic Plan at only US $ 6.95 a month. The plan comes with unlimited storage space and unlimited bandwidth. Plus, they come with the CoffeeCup’s Web master and Design Software and 24 hour support and service. There is also the Business Plan at a price of US $21.95 per month with unlimited disc space, unlimited transfer, CoffeeCup Software, three free domains, dedicated IP address, SSL certificate and so much more.ReliabilityThe LunarPages Review praises the company’s advanced equipment, state of the art data center and its high quality security, reliability, safety and technology. All of Lunar Pages employees are experts in their fields. Thus most of the time, they address issues before they become problems. SupportThe Lunar Pages web hosting offers 24/7 support, where you can voice your problems and concerns via phone, e-mail or their forums. Whatever way, we are extremely pleased by their support system. Their Customer Service Reps are very friendly and helpful, ready to assist their clients no matter what experience level. Aside from that, they have numerous FAQs and flash tutorials to teach you everything you will ever need.Money back GuaranteeLunar Pages will give 100% of your money back (within 30 days), no questions asked.Conclusion and Overall ImpressionSome promises give better promises than LunarPages Review, we admit. When it comes to web, FTP, e-mail performance, Lunar Pages continue to impress us. They are open for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that your business stays online at all times. However, they are full of loopholes and small print. Better go to the bigger and trusted company, Lunar Pages. With this company, you really get what you pay for.Visit This Host Now

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Webhostingpad may be a relatively smaller and newer company but they offer the same great features as other web hosts for the lowest price on the market- $1.99/month! A division of Omnis networks, Webhostingpad began its business in 2005, seeking to provide affordable hosting for everyone, and at that price point, everyone is right! In this Webhostingpad review, I will be outlining the pros and cons of using this provider.Let’s take a look at the PROs first:1.It’s truly affordable; no other host is offering $1.99/month for 3 years, and no setup fees.2.It offers the same top notch features as other leading webhosts including but not only:a.Unlimited disk space and bandwidthb.Unlimited domains and free domain namesc.Unlimited email, forwarders and autorespondersd.Unlimited mySQL databases3.Experts say that Webhostingpad’s servers are custom-built, and each is a dual Xeon server with 8GB of RAM. They use a load-balanced cluster of servers for hosting, and a Netapp network attached storage device for files. That means that all users should have consistently reliable service. Most other webhosts don’t even have their own datacenter.4.Customer feedback for the tech support voice and chat lines are generally very good, showing that the dip in price does not mean a dip in the quality of customer service.And now for the CONs:1.The “too good to be true” price point may actually be on point. There have been some customer complaints over occasional down-times and payment disputes. But you have to ask: how perfect can their services really be on $1.99/month?A Webhostingpad review would not be complete without stating that they have some unique features in their offer. Their Fasntastico script library lets you build your website easily, turning it into a store, blog, or wiki site with ease. They also have free advertising credits from Miva, Yahoo, and Google, so you can start getting hits on your site. If you have cold feet about giving them a shot, they also have a 30-day trial period where you can ask for a refund if you are not 100% satisfied.All-in-all, Webhostingpad reviews say it doesn’t have the best service in the industry, but it truly has the best VALUE for money, and that’s why it’s still a contender for being a top web host, with more than 100,000 domains and counting. With that $1.99/month deal, that number is sure to increase soon.Visit This Host Now

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eCommerce web hosting offers a lot more compared to personal hosting. This is primarily because business websites get higher demands from visitors. Unlike personal websites where visitors just browse through the contents, web shops need to interact in more complex ways with visitors. Moreover, visitors aren’t just called visitors in web shops. There, they are […]

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Hosting Top Reviews | eCommerce Web Hosting

BlueHost Review

BlueHost Review

RatingsAverageOverallPriceReliabilitySupportBluehost is one of the most reputable webhosting companies around, and that is due to their experience, as they have been around since 1996 (considered ancient in internet years), which in itself is proof of their consistent performance. It should be noted that this company is truly an industry leader, because they were the first to offer unlimited space and unlimited domains; their competitors just follow suit to keep up. I have not seen one negative Bluehost review, and that is also impressive.Some of their top-notch features aside from the ones already mentioned are unlimited file transfers (something new that other companies are sure to copy too), unlimited add-on domains, parked domains, and subdomains, 2500 email accounts, and 100 mySQL databases. They also have the standard cPanel interface and sitebuilder with Fantastico and Simple Scripts, support for SSH, SSL, FTP, stats, CGI, Ruby, Perl, and PHP.In this Bluehost review I would also like to talk a little about their various plans and pricing strategy:•3 Months package for $9.95/month + $30.00 Setup + $10 Domain cost•6 Months package for $8.95/month + $30.00 Setup + $10 Domain cost•12 Months package for $7.95/month (no setup fee, one free domain)•24 Months package for $6.95/month (no setup fee, one free domain)As you can see their price points are a little higher than competitors, but one thing I haven’t seen before is their anytime money-back guarantee. You can ask for a refund even after a trial period, if you aren’t satisfied with their service- that’s the most confident statement you can make in this industry.One review I came across tracked Bluehost’s uptime record since December 2005, and the result was an amazing 99.8% server uptime over more than 4 years! This is one company that can actually deliver on their uptime guarantee!Bluehost also helps you migrate your site to them, and provides 69 video tutorials to help you get used to their system. If you have problems, users report that Bluehost has excellent customer service, probably because they keep it in-house, and refuse to outsource to second-rate vendors.In conclusion, I would like to say that I can’t find a single negative thing to say about this company, and I hope that this Bluehost review has convinced you that you should seriously consider them if you are looking for a new web host, just like more than 1 million domain owners have.Visit This Host Now BlueHost Review

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