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Budget Web Hosting ReviewsWhat is ‘budget’ hosting?We consider any hosting plan or package that offers reasonable features for under $10 a month to be a ‘budget’ hosting plan.Budget hosts generally sell in bulk, which brings their costs down. This means that instead of sharing a server with a handful of other people, you’ll be sharing with hundreds of other Web sites. This process is usually transparent to you, and many budget hosts have high specification machines which keep shared machines running fast.Disadvantages to Budget HostsWhile some budget hosts keep their machines and networks well maintained, some can ‘oversell’ their servers by a margin, leading to reduced service for the customers. Symptoms include slow FTP access, slow CGI scripts, and a general lack of responsiveness from sites hosted with that ISP during busy periods.These reviews are provided to help you weed out the good from the bad. Most of the host reviews also have side reviews from actual customers of the ISP, allowing you to get any good or bad news straight from the existing customers’ mouths.All of our Reviewed Budget Hosts


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